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(no subject) [Nov. 26th, 2016|05:00 pm]
Hello from the other side of Thanksgiving. I like my family, but thank god everyone has finally gone. We dropped my brother off at the train station (though he's actually taking the cheapo Megabus) around 12:30 today and now it's just the family I made. It doesn't help that M hasn't been on his normal nap schedule. He didn't nap at all yesterday and today, he napped at 10:30 in the morning, which is 3-5 hours ahead of schedule and made me worry that he was sick. We just put him back down for attempt #2 and I can hear that he's up, but I'm pretending he's not. Anyway, all of this has prevented me from doing stuff I'd normally be doing on days off, like balancing my checkbook and icing my ankle at times that suit me. Also, I have to watch my behavior around guests and that gets old pretty fast. Also, I've been out more than normal, which is still not out THAT much but gets wearing.

Thanksgiving went OK procedurally. (I'm importing appeals court jargon into everyday life.) I decided this year to take it easy on the menu, and as a result I was able to actually talk to people and not stress myself out. The bad news is that I developed some kind of gut gas, from either not eating at the usual times or eating the wrong things, and I was uncomfortable and bloated. So I didn't eat as much as I otherwise would have. Still, it took me a long time to recover my normal eating schedule, in part because my mom wanted to take all of us to breakfast the next day. I am beginning to rethink my love of Thanksgiving gluttony. Getting old suuuuuucks. Oh yeah, and I was able to deflect the one mention of der Trumpenfuhrer without too much trouble.

Hanging around my brother is a quiet revelation, in that he is an adult who is interesting to be around even though we are not at all the same kind of person. We still have in jokes despite the decades. I still can't quite shake the feeling that he's judging me, but if so he keeps it to himself. He described the New Pornographers CD in my car as "sugary" and I kind of startled, but he meant it only as an observation. (For perspective, my brother is planning a trip to the Netherlands to see Einstürzende Neubauten, a noise band that makes music out of non-instrument objects.)

On Friday, we went to Franklin Canyon for a longish walk around the reservoir. I spent most of the afternoon working on a blouse to make my lace suit a three-piece. (I would like to be finishing that right now, but M is up, so that plan has failed.) Today, Jon granted me time off from family duty long enough for me to go to the fabric store and buy supplies for my next project, which is a pomegranate dress. I also have supplies for three more projects coming. The one I'm most excited about is a coat that I plan to make out of brocade fabric by elongating the blazer pattern I used for the lace suit and then lining it in something warm. I will probably get the cheapest cotton flannel I can get, because southern California weather doesn't really call for puffy ski jackets. But it turns out that I have many other choices, most of which don't require special sewing equipment. Once the brocade fabric arrives and I see how thick it is, I'll actually make a purchase. In the meantime, I'm launching Operation Pomegranate Dress. I'm pretty sure I have enough fabric to make a pleated neckline and this time I swear I'm going to do it.

Malachi insisted on decorating for Xmas today, so we did that. I was trying to get him to do a Hanukkah decorations craft, but he got dictatorial about it and I abandoned the project out of annoyance.

Oh yeah, the December issue of our magazine came and my byline is on someone else's story. I guess I have to bring that to someone's attention, but nothing can be done about the print edition and I hate to ruin my boss's weekend, so I'm punting until Monday. Also in work news, my phone is pinging constantly because of the immigration judges' mailing list that I found myself on. I stayed on it because it's useful to know what they're thinking, but this is a lot of email.
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friends-only [Mar. 20th, 2005|12:24 pm]
Leave a comment if you'd like to be a friend. If you demonstrate sufficient un-lame-ness and are not someone whose scrutiny I have cause to fear, I'll probably add you.
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